Education today is something that we all need. It is very important to have an education because without one who will we be today?  With the no Child Left behind Law Teachers are teaching students to take a test, not what they really need to know as far as the subjects in school. I think that it is wrong, because as far as education goes no one is learning anything. It’s good that no child would be left behind, but the question is what are the kids really learning in school? Will this test help them out in the future? Will it benefit them any? See these are questions that society needs to look at, because later on in life there will be no more test to get you to the next grade. School will be over and you have to live by what you know and what you were thought in school. That would have a huge impact on the students life’s because if schools are teaching to a test then it won’t prepare them at all for things that will come up later on in life.  The work that teacher are preparing in the classroom is what students are mainly depending on to have an education.

Year after year schools are comparing students test scores to see if they have improved from the previous year. I think it is wrong of schools to be comparing test scores from the students previous years to see how they are doing. Most students may or may not be good test takers. No matter how you put it its still wrong to have everything being test based. Schools should mainly be looking at how students are doing their work in the classroom. Class participation and class assignments is another thing that schools should look at because that is where the students are all day doing their work. Student’s grade should impact how well they are doing in class instead of how well they are able to fill in the blanks and answer questions correctly. With the curriculum being changed so much, the interest of what students actually like has been cut out to focus on the test.

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